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  • mach1343
    12-15 05:22 PM
    I have to work 20 hrs per week part time apart from my full time 40hrs per week. Since I am not working 35 hrs per week as you said does this mean my GC process will have a effect?

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  • garybanz
    10-26 12:56 PM
    due to changes in procedures, a lot of the applications are going to the lock box facilities, this is slowing things down (it was actually supposed to make things go faster but we all know USCIS pretty well by now)

    I have heard a lot of cases where it's taking about a month to get the receipt.

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  • rkanth12
    09-22 02:43 PM

    My wife needs an EAD to apply for medical residency in the US. We have our EAD application pending (receipt date Aug 27th). We know we will get our EAD eventually. But the problem is more complex.

    For medical residency, programs call candidates for interviews in Nov/Dec. So they start offering interview slots in Sep/Oct timeframe. If you don't have an EAD card or EAD-approval notice, they will not even consider you. They don't care if you say that EAD will definitely come by Dec (or something like that).

    We tried our local congressman, but even he said he couldn't do anything
    until the 90-day processing time had passed. We tried the local INFOPASS office and submitted an expedite request, but that got denied.

    So we are urgently looking for ways to get my wife's EAD ASAP. If we don't get the EAD in time, my wife will lose an year and in medical residency, every year you sit at home counts (against you).

    Does anyone here have any ideas what we can do ! Note: This EAD is needed for *education* purposes and not for *gainful* employment.

    Don't worry you'll get it soon.
    I'm also in same, we got recently.

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  • CCC
    04-04 02:39 PM
    I am starting this thread to infuse some life into the now dormant contributions to IV. I noticed in the past few days that we have been stuck @ 70,725. All of the core IV members are busy talking to the Senators regarding the SJC bills in Washington and generally working hard to push for our cause.

    In the meanwhile i feel we as members of this group should again start the push for contributions as we are certain to face an uphill battle in the House.

    So please contribute and ask your co-workers, friends, family to also do so now. This is the least we can do... :D


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  • hpandey
    07-15 01:47 PM
    I have a EAD valid for next 2 years and H1 is also valid till Nov 2010, my employer want to cancel my H1 and to put me on EAD. Is there any kind of risk involved in doing so, Please suggest.

    There is not much risk in moving to EAD but I don't get why your employer wants to cancel an H1 which is valid till 2010. I have seen employers not wanting to extend an H1 if the employee has an EAD but going out of way to cancel a valid H1 seems extreme.

    Tell your employer to continue your employment on H1 until it expires and then they can start you on EAD. That would give you enough time to think of the PROs and CONS.

    A lot of people move to EAD ( don't renew H1 ) since it only costs more money for the company ( although it provides a small safety net in case your I-485 is in jeopardy somehow ). In my view it is very safe to move to EAD but again in your case I would ask the company to wait till 2010 for your current H1 to expire.

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  • kumarr
    04-08 01:03 PM
    I just noticed on USCIS website that all 4 of our family's I-485 (myself, wife, 2 children) have new LUD of 4/1/2009.

    The message still says "case received and pending" on all cases.

    I wonder what it means?



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  • aries
    08-29 05:35 PM
    any thoughts guys....

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  • bobzibub
    10-04 03:27 PM
    you can also change employers immediately. Your spouse is the primary applicant, and hte 180 day AC21 rule applies to her. You can:
    - use EAD whenever you want
    - change jobs whenever you want
    - change job profile however you want.

    - can use EAD whenever she wants
    - change jobs after 180 days
    - change onto a job in the same or similar profile.

    Now if the secondary applicant also has a 140/485 application filed this means that he or she should wait for six months also.. I have an EAD (as of yesterday) from my wife's application. Mine is just the 485 -- no EADs/APs etc. If I contract on the side with my EAD (invalidating my H1b) does my employer find out? Am I obligated to tell?



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  • Beta_mle
    05-07 07:10 AM
    In Franz Kafka's chilling story "The Metamorphosis", a man wakes up one morning to find that he has been transformed into a "gigantic insect". Recently, a California family, all permanent residents for over 30 years, was suddenly informed by the government that they were all illegal aliens and must return to Thailand. Mr. Promsiri entered the United States on a student visa. His wife and two young sons, aged 10 and 3 joined him in 1971. In 1975, the parents obtained a divorce from a Thai Consulate in the U.S. The wife married an American citizen, and the couple honeymooned...

    More... (

    This is ridiculous. Arbitrary and capricious. This is most unbecoming of an advanced society. You would think that mind numbed robots were running the system instead of sensible human beings.

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  • kevnss
    04-01 12:16 PM
    I have posted this message in other threads couple of times but no reply so trying to create a new thread so it can be reviewed. Sorry.

    I have one question though which I have already posted but didn't see any response. It would be nice if someone can clarify my doubt..

    I have one question with regards to changing employer. My I-140 was approved long ago (in 2005) under EB3 and was filed for AOS during July 2007. But now we re-filed labor under EB2 got approved and refiled I-140 under EB2 category. I-140 under EB2 has been filed recently so I am assuming it will take months to get it approved. Now I am thinking of switching to new employer so what are my chances to move to new employer. Sorry am not sure if this message is already posted or not.


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  • jonty_11
    06-25 05:35 PM
    Didnt they just abolish labor substitution?????

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  • corleone
    11-14 08:24 AM
    Are you sure this is for your I-485 and not for your EAD?
    I got email last night for our EAD with exact same message.


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  • mihird
    09-06 05:59 PM
    I started my 10 hr./week part time job 2 years back (I was 4 years on my primary H1 by then). We filed a 2nd H1 and had no problems getting it approved - we got a 2 year approval aligned with the primary H1s 6 year expiry..

    My both, the primary H1 and the 2nd H1 are up for renewal in Jan 07 & April 07 respectively and I am also up on the 6 years on my H1 by then.

    I have an approved I-140 from my primary H1.

    I have a question which I hope someone can help me answer. Will the 2nd H1 also qualify for the 3 year extensions, just like the primary H1 based on the I-140 approval on the primary H1?

    I am guessing yes (it sounds logical to me), but am not sure...can anyone confirm?

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  • BECsufferer
    10-07 06:59 AM
    I guess I wasn't shocked when I saw this story, but I have to say it depressed me. The AP reports that Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec, really one town that happens to straddle a border, is now installing security gates to physically separate the community.

    More... (

    Nothing wrong with gates and fences. It's security measure, ... I am all for it and fine. Unlike Quebec, atleast in my America, outsiders are not frowned upon. Nor denied help just becaue you cannot speak their language (French). Take away from my last trip to Quebec (Quebec City) is, they don't like to see us in their part of world, nor do we welcome them.


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  • testsite
    11-03 10:26 AM
    Does anyone know how receptive the ASC in Boston is to FP walk-ins? Also, is there ANY way of calling ahead of time and finding out if they accept walk-ins?

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  • alterego
    08-05 11:33 PM
    Then the big C may have to deal with the Deeez in majority in congress. A democratic congress will pass a most liberal immigration bill they can imagine. The republicans will be far better served compromising now than waiting if democrats take congress. Right now the Dems, the Prez and the Senate are on the same page.


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  • sam_i02
    09-24 06:56 PM
    Peeps -

    My self-filed I-485 application (July 2nd) was sent without:
    - Medical Exam results
    - Employment Verification Letter

    I have recently rec'd the receipt number for my case. Should i sent the missing documentation to USCIS linked to the receipt numbers - or should i wait for the RFE? Anyone with experience with this please advise.

    Secondly, if you recommend that i send it now, how can i make sure that the documents will get added to my file? Is there a special procedure for this?

    Thank you

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  • roseball
    09-16 02:21 AM
    You can get your EB3 PD. Your lawer needs to write to the USCIS to port your PD. Attorney here would give you more details and wait for them to respond.

    The OP cannot port his EB-3 PD in this case as his EB-3 I-140 was not filed/approved. One can only port an older PD if they have an approved I-140 with old PD. Just an approved LC with old PD won't help.

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  • skd
    08-21 05:59 PM
    Today TSC processed only 863 cases:
    src0725250000 - src0725250863

    No they are upto src0725251299

    03-19 03:36 PM
    Totally agree with you here Snathan!
    But other than peace of mind is there any other benefit, especially considering my case?

    09-15 09:37 PM
    Does anyone have any names and suggestions on the best lawyers in the US? Dan19, could you please tell me which lawyer the person consulted with who got his LC approved? I have contacted Carl Shusterman and have a phone appointment with him on Monday. Any ideas would be appreciate since I don't have much time left cuz I need response to the letter by Sept 27, which is two weeks from now.

    I really appreciate everyone's input on my labor certification problem. The letter I got from the labor department is a letter with intent to deny application which means my LC is not denied yet but that they are considering of denying it if I couldn't provide evidence to explain why the job description is restrictive. On the letter however, I am not given the option to readvertise. So my lawyer plans to request for that but he said most likely the Labor department will not grant the consent for me to readvertise

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